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About Me


I am Jane E. Regan, PhD, of JER Editing. As an author and university professor of more than 30 years, I am passionate about the written word and its potential for communicating complex ideas. In my own writing and publications I strive to compose documents that are clear, concise, and accessible. My areas of expertise are theology and education and the breadth of topics these disciplines intersect. 


Anyone who writes knows that it often takes a second set of eyes to make sure the work is free of mistakes and as expressive as possible. I can be that set of eyes for you!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or for more information about my work.



From  Draft to Edited Document

Submit manuscript

Submit your manuscript to me, preferably as a Word document or a Google Doc. This can be sent as an email attachment or as a file through Google Drive. If your document is more that 10,000 words, please submit a representative 10 pages and the projected length of the completed manuscript.

First review of document

My first read of your document gives me a sense of the content, structure, and style. It also allows me to name any questions concerning style guide, format, or use of specific vocabulary. Once I have read the manuscript, I will communicate to you, generally through e-mail, any questions that I have, the proposed timeframe for completing the project, and the projected price. If either the timeframe or fee needs to be altered, I will be in touch with you as soon as possible.  There is an extra fee for rush jobs.

Copy editing your work

As a copy editor, I check for spelling, punctuation, word choice, and syntax.  If there are sentences or sections that are unclear, I flag those and may make recommendations. My basic resource is the Chicago Manuel of Style (17th edition), though if you are working with a different style sheet, please let me know and I will become familiar with it. 

In editing I use the Track Changes function in Word and the Suggestions and Comments functions in Google Docs. 

Return your edited manuscript to you

Once the editing is completed, I will send you two copies of your manuscript:  a clean copy with all of my edits accepted and incorporated into the text and the edited version so that you can select the edits you want to include and the comments you want to address.  



Whether you are writing  a short essay, an academic thesis, a business or grant proposal, or a book length manuscript, my copyediting will contribute to a clean, clear, and professional product.


My services include attention to:


We all make mistakes! Luckily, I am here to ensure that your grammar is correct.

Word Choice

Sometimes it is tricky to know which word to use. Is it ‘affect’ or ‘effect’? Do you need ‘ensure’ or ‘insure’? I can help by suggesting the best word for the context.


Correct punctuation adds clarity and accessibility to even the most complex sentence. I double check yours to be sure that it is accurate.


The way words are arranged in a sentence makes a difference. Checking each sentence for appropriate syntax is an important part of great editing.


Overall rhythm and flow adds to the readability of a paragraph or chapter. I look at the whole tone and content of your document and make recommendations as needed.


In addition, I offer formatting (including footnotes), indexing, and proofreading services for your completed manuscript.


The rate for copyediting any document depends on the nature of the text, the level of editing needed, and the inclusion of elements such as footnotes/endnotes, bibliography, and charts.  

Send me a sample from the text and the length of the manuscript, and I can provide you with the cost and the proposed timeline for completion. 

Rule of thumb: 

  • 4-6 pages (double spaced) (1000-1500 words) - $30.00 with a two day turnaround.

The rates for indexing, formatting, or proofreading are  based on the nature of the text and the complexity of the work.  Contact me for more information. 



As a writer and an editor, Jane is absolutely Five Star! I have enjoyed the opportunity to partner with Jane on a number of writing projects including books, articles, seminars, presentations, retreats and brochures. Jane’s writing is clear, concise and intelligent. She has the ability to find the right “voice,” both for formal dissertations and academic papers, and for more relaxed settings. As an editor, she is able to articulate and evaluate the broad vision while still maintaining a sharp eye for details. Jane is particularly adept at weaving together several complicated ideas in a straightforward fashion that brings clarity. She is creative and has a keen eye for the use of stories to make a concept memorable and bring a point home.

Mimi Bitzan

Consultant and Author


Contact Me

 Email, text, or call!
I look forward to hearing from you!

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